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Implant restorations are an outstanding restorative option for patients who have missing teeth or require tooth extraction because of advanced disease or decay. A dental implant is a threaded titanium post that is surgically inserted into the jawbone to replace lost tooth roots.

There are many benefits of dental implant restoration over alternative options, including:

  •  Implant restoration is a permanent way to replace teeth.
  •  Speech is improved.
  •  Ability to eat and chew properly is restored.
  •  Facial features are more refined when teeth are restored.
  •  Teeth are held in place ad do not shift.

Created with dental CAD/CAM technology to ensure a precise fit, quick seating and a lifelike emergence profile, our dental lab screw-retained labor is an efficient, cement-free solution that minimize chair time for the final delivery appoinment.

Indication: Screw-retained crowns are prosthetic components that connect directly to endosseous dental implants and are intended for use as an aid in prosthetic rehabilitation of missing teeth.

Material composition: Monolithic zirconia, lithium disilicate or lithium silicate ceramic with titanium base; lithium silicate ceramic fused to noble or white high noble metal.


  • Kill cement issues around inserts and recover your rebuilding with ease.
  • CAD/CAM fabrication ensures esthetic gingival and a natural emergence profile.

Zirconia Customized Abutment is a widely used esthetic implant abutment option. Zirconia abutments are very versatile, as they can be designed entirely using CAD/CAM technology or by scanning a wax-up before milling the abutment.

Zirconia Abutments have excellent mechanical strength and reliability. The biocompatibility annd micro-structural properties of zirconia are well-known. In addition to its favourable mechanical properties, the material is thought to accumulate less dental plaque compared to titanium. It is possible that the peri-implant soft tissues around zirconia may heal more quickly compared to peri-implant tissues in contact with titanium.

Improve the esthetic outcome for your patients and create long-lasting predictable retorations with custom Titanium abutments. Using CAD/CAM technology, our dental lab can increase your productivity by offering decreased turnaround time annd virtually eliminating remakes. Additionally, we can provide duplicates for creating provisional and definitive abutment assemblies.

Titanium abutments can also be coated with titanium nitride, giving the abutment a gold hue. Using a titanium abutment with a gold hue ensures that the gingival tissues are not discolored.

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